FEE-ONLY FINANCIAL AND INVESTMENT PLANNING                                                                                                      

Through diligence, discipline, and hard work you have been blessed with wealth.  Sterling Wealth Management, LLC (SWM), an independent, fee-only, comprehensive financial strategy and wealth management firm, was created to help you address the unique financial challenges this wealth brings.

Sterling Wealth Management, LLC is a fee-only firm.  Our financial planning services are based on an hourly fee, and our follow-up wealth management advisory fees are based on the net asset value of your portfolio.  Since we are not compensated by commissions, SWM gains nothing by "churning" your assets.  SWM has no "quota" to fill selling mutual funds, insurance policies, or similar products.  We sell nothing!  Therefore, we have no agenda other than serving our clients with objective, unbiased counseling and advice.

We pride ourselves on our OBJECTIVITY - All advice will be based on the facts and circumstances of the client's situation.  Recognizing the inherent conflicts of interest in product sales, we refuse any commissions or other compensation from client transactions based on our recommendations.

Our foremost goal is to assist you in managing your wealth, preserving principal and optimizing return in a prudent fashion.  SWM will provide clear, understandable solutions to your situation.  Working together we will enable you to confidently pursue your dreams.

If you would like to schedule a consultation, please send us an 
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