FEE-ONLY FINANCIAL AND INVESTMENT PLANNING                                                                                                      


Financial planning is the development and implementation of a coordinated plan for the achievement of your overall financial objectives.  These objectives may include retirement planning, estate planning, college education financing, insurance recommendations and tax planning.

A financial plan is a road map for navigating the highway of your financial life. 

In creating the financial plan we take a "holistic approach" toward achieving your goals.  In other words, we consider the interrelationship of each of your important objectives and goals as we map out your plan.

Six steps are involved in the planning process:

· Identify client goals and priorities
· Collect and assess all personal and financial data
· Diagnose financial needs and desires
· Provide recommendations and solutions to meet these objectives
· Assist in implementing recommendations
· Offer periodic financial plan reviews and updates


Following the development of the comprehensive financial plan, SWM offers continuing wealth management services to its clients.  Our investment management philosophy is to maximize total return (capital gains, dividends and the associated tax consequences) within the individual investor's risk tolerance and time horizon.

We will manage a client's financial assets with as much or as little input as the client prefers. 

Our goal is to create and maintain your sense of comfort and peace of mind.  The unpredictable volatility of today's investment climate makes this a challenging yet most important task.  We follow a prudent, academically proven, approach to investing. 

The minimum aggregate portfolio size for initiating a continuing wealth management relationship is typically $150,000.  However, arrangements may be made for smaller portfolios.

We employ a disciplined asset allocation investment strategy designed to prudently accumulate wealth while limiting volatility.  SWM helps identify your personal investment criteria including your specific needs, financial goals and risk tolerance as we design your personal portfolio.  We then build a well-diversified portfolio to best enable your money to earn money and for you to sleep well at night.  We do not attempt to time the stock market.  We firmly believe that time in the market is far more important than timing the market.  We continually monitor your portfolio to ensure that your assets remain invested in a manner consistent with your criteria.

Our clients receive transaction confirmations, quarterly statements, portfolio updates, year-end tax reports, and an investment newsletter.  Of course, we are always only a telephone call away to answer your questions or respond to any concerns.